Luxury Hotels for Romantic Getaways

For those of you looking for hotels that can offer a romantic getaway for couples, there are many luxury hotel deals that you can find online. Below are a few of the luxury hotels that you can find in Europe. 

Extra information about luxury hotel deals

The first hotel is the Hotel Imperial in Austria. This hotel is a palace that turned into a hotel. It has marble floors, crystal chandeliers, and interiors that have 120 years of history in it. For those of you who love to dance they have balls held regularly. The food there is also delicious.

The second place to stay is Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Turkey. It is a five star. The restaurants that they have there are delicious and have something for everyone. They have a huge courtyard and pool for those who love being outdoors. Another thing that they have there that is nice for couples is a spa. This spa features Turkish baths, steam rooms, and massages.

The third place is Maria Cristina in Spain. This hotel is considered to be Spain's Monte Carlo. There is lots to see and do in the area including beaches, palaces, and a fun nightlife. The rooms have many televisions, rainforest showers, and crystal chandeliers. The hotel is considered to be contemporary.

The fourth place is Brenner's Park Hotel and Spa in Germany. This hotel is nice for those who are health conscious. It has spa professionals and doctors who can give you and your significant other Thai massages and aromatherapy. There are also virtual detox rooms where you and your partner can get away from electronics and just focus on each other. The rooms are also nice to just sit back and relax with your partner.

The fifth hotel is Aria Hotel in Hungary. The rooms have either a modern or baroque design. The rooms are themed after music genres or icons. It is located by the Opera House. The mattress is nice for sleeping because it can be set to how the way you like it, whether you like it firm or not. The rooms offer either a city view or garden view. Another thing that they offer is a Finnish sauna or infrared sauna and complimentary cheese and wine during the day.

So as you can see there are a lot of different luxury hotels for couples to choose from in Europe if you are wanting to get away to someplace romantic.